The Bridegroom’s Cafe

Welcome To The Cafe
The Very Present Inspiration Of This Café Is The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ! Today, He Invites You To Enjoy The Intimacy Of Fine Cuisine, Christian Style Dining! Choose A Preferred Table Below And Dine With Him. I Hope You Enjoy The Meal and Your Fellowship With Jesus Christ!
Family Life = Family Table
The Bridegroom has a special place in His heart for your family! Families come in all shapes and unique personalities. Jesus invites you to dine with Him and pray for your whole family. This table provides a specially prepared cuisine that the Bridegroom uses to encourage His families. Enjoy!
Manna Munch – Smorgasbord Table
Good Morning! Good Manna! Every day you should have an awesome spiritual breakfast that will feed your soul, nurture your mind and invigorate your spirit with God’s life, His wisdom and character, this table is famous for these meals. Enjoy Your Breakfast! This table is also unique because it also offers a smorgasbord, yes, Jesus prepares a spontaneous cuisine at this table! Come sit with Jesus at a table where nothing is thought-out and you are completely found at His Dietary Whim! Take a risk and enjoy something unprompted by your need. Enjoy your dietary God adventure!
Miraculous Musings = Author Table
The Author of all the inspiration of our lives is Jesus Christ. Daily, I put my hand into His Mighty Right Hand. AWE-GOD majestically-miraculously speaks and I humbly listen and that becomes my miraculous musings! God still speaks and I, Kimberlymac listen and passionately write God’s excellent cuisine of exhortation, miraculously so. Enjoy It!
Servant Warrior = Servant Table
Precious Servant Warrior! Jesus has ordered a cuisine to be catered by Him to you, His Seasoned Servant! Come dine with Him and be encouraged by His Voice, His Wisdom and His Peace. Dine with your Master and be found in His Presence! You will enjoy these meals because those who serve God, He loves to bless, nurture and equip. Enjoy!
The Bridegroom’s Voice = Listener Table
Listen! The Bridegroom Is Speaking From His Heart Today! Jesus sits at this table waiting to share with You! His cuisine is perfectly prepared and intended for you only, His Bride-Church. Enjoy Your Constant Conversation!

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